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Pás adesivas descartáveis para desfibrilador e cardioversor CMOS DRAKE

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Adhesive disposable electrodes for use in your CMOS DRAKE AED Life 400 Futura Defibrillator or Defibrillator Monitor VIVO.


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WARNING: before purchasing the electrode, check the connector model in its equipment, according to the figure below.

This is the model of ADHESIVE SHOCK VANES – AED – BLUE/WHITE CONNECTOR F7959. Connector that is part of defibrillators manufactured on dates before May, 2017, and also all adhesive electrodes of Defibrillator Monitor VIVO.

To buy BLACK connector model, CLICK HERE.
If you are in doubt, contact our consultants and report your equipment serial number, located in its lower base, to confirm the correct connector model.


CMOS DRAKE disposable multifunction electrodes are comprised by a pair of pre-jellied, self-adhesive electrodes, equipped with a single two-pole connector for direct or indirect connection to defibrillator/enhancer.

Electrode round shape enables a uniform electrical current density at the time of defibrillation discharge. And, thus, it reduces patient skin burning risk.

The enhanced protection material insulation and the protected connector limit undesired electrical micro-shock hazard. CMOS DRAKE shock vanes are tested and
analyzed according to ISO 10993-1 guidelines and principles. The standard approaches solely applied part biocompatibility tests.

PROTECTION AND SAFETY: CMOS DRAKE electrodes are packed in tight bags, of opaque material, designed to protect the gel from light and humidity.


WARNING: Never use electrodes from other providers, due to the unevenness risk in electrical current density in defibrillation. That can result in severe consequences to
the patient, including skin burns and significant survival rate decrease. The use of electrodes not certified by CMOS DRAKE can impact the product essential performance and jeopardize patients and users. And it also implies in equipment warranty loss.

Valid date: 2 years.

The electrodes have undefined valid date and are disposable. Never use them more than once and always check the valid date provided in their packaging.

Delivery time to be confirmed by the time of the order.

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