CMOS DRAKE bets on high performance of its equipment, and it invests daily on the most advanced technologies to support the medical service. Thus, we are certified by the strictest quality institutes: Anvisa Registry, compliance with Inmetro ordinances. Quality Management System Certification NBR ISO 13485.

Investimos continuamente na mais alta tecnologia para atender à sua necessidade.



Established by the entrepreneur Marco Aurélio Marques Félix in 1989, CMOS DRAKE started with the goal of developing smart solutions to preserve and save lives. A pioneer in Latin America´s defibrillator market, CMOS DRAKE has become a reference due to the high survival rate the equipment offers. Nowadays, more than 300 thousand people die every year of cardiorespiratory arrest in Brazil, and the quick service is essential to victim survival.

Technological innovation, safety and credibility: pillars that foster CMOS DRAKE success and growth. In ongoing expansion not only in Brazil, the company also has products all over America, Asia, Europe, and several Arabic countries.