Privacy Policies


1. The User authorizes herein, at its own discretion, to preserve, store all your personal, registry and access data, e.g., e-mail addresses, IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, access date and time information, among other information. The User also authorizes to report and/or disclose such data in case of legal requirements, or if it is reasonably required to: comply with the due legal process and/or enforce compliance of these terms and conditions.

2. can contract outsourced online data processing companies, and companies to monitor the website traffic, and, in some cases, they can store and collect user information and data.

3. The website use implies in the user consent to collect, store and use the personal, registry, and access information provided, as well as its updates.

4. can use cookies to manage User sessions, browsing, accesses and registries, and store preferences, track information, among others. Cookies can be used, regardless of User registry.

4.1. Cookies are small text files transferred via server to the hard disk, and stored in the User computer, that can collection information, including access date and time, browsing history, preferences and User name.

4.2. In some cases, outsourced service providers can use cookies on the website, that cannot control or access. Such cookies are not regulated by these Terms and Conditions.

5. The User has the option of accepting or refusing the use of cookies in his/her computer, regardless of website registry, setting up his/her browser as desired. The refusal of using cookies can, however, result in User access limitation to certain tools available on the website, login difficulties and comment tool.

6. Considering that can make partnerships with third parties, they can eventually collection user information, including IP address, browser specification and operating system. These terms and conditions do not apply to personal information provided to third parties and stored and used by them.

7. The website can, eventually, include third party website links. is not responsible for User information content or safety when accessing third party websites. Such websites can have their own privacy policies related to personal information storage and conservation, that are totally unrelated to

8. can work with outsourced advertising companies to publicize ads during the website access. Such companies can collect information about User website visits, in order to provide customized ads about goods and services related to the User interest. Such information does not include User name, address, or telephone number.

9. reserves the right to retain information for the period it deems necessary for its business proper execution, even after the User registry cancellation.

10. The User states herein that does not acknowledge any responsibility in case of theft, loss, change or improper use of personal information and content as a whole, even in the case of information provided to outsourced service providers, or to other Users, and if outsourced service providers do not comply with this terms and conditions.

11. opposes sending e-mails without consent (known as SPAM). Thus, will send e-mails only to the users that voluntarily register in our newsletter, authorizing us to send e-mails of any kind. The user can request this service cancellation at any time, by means of a link provided in the e-mails received, through the e-mail However, upon requesting the cancellation, can take up to seven days to process your request.

12. can use software and analysis and mapping tools, that present how users browse on our website pages by recording their mouse motions, and which areas of our website pages the users area clicking.

13. All tools and practices used on the website monitoring aim solely at improving the service offered according to facility, resource, service and safety features.